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generationHEAT combines photography and cinematography to portray a generation born into the accelerating consequences of global warming. The project will cover the entire planet and aims to give a voice to those most directly affected. generationHEAT will be featured in exhibitions, publications, cinemas, TV and streaming channels starting in 2024. An online platform and educational resources will continue the project in the long term.

The Project

In 2009, the portrait photographers Braschler/Fischer launched their project „The Human Face of Climate Change“ which was rewarded with worldwide success. To this day, the portraits have been shown in countless exhibitions and have been published in leading
magazines, newspapers, and a well received book.
Subsequently, this led to the project „Act Now!“, where Braschler/Fischer published a series of famous climate activists in cooperation with UNFCCC.
Now, their mission will be rounded with a third global project and a new topical, artistic and medial set-up, this time combining photography and cinematography. generationHEAT will focus on the resilience of a generation born into theaccelerating consequences of global warming, its impact on their lives, and their willingness to act. The project will cover the entire planet and focus on areas where the effects of the climate crisis are most visible. It  shall give a voice to those who are most directly affected, no matter where they live, even in the most remote areas. The combined portraits and voices create a collective consciousness which is intended to have an impact on the thoughts and actions of audiences around the world.


The critically acclaimed photographers Braschler/Fischer have developed a unique  portrait style which explores every pore and brings hidden stories to light. The generationHEAT project will feature faces isolated against a black background. The portrayed will be mirrored with wide-angle shots of ravaged landscapes of their homelands. In exhibition halls the images will be presented in larger than life size and be accompanied by audio recordings. Exhibition venues in Europe, the US and Asia are currently negotiated for 2024/25. Selected pictures will be published in publications such as The New York Times, The Guardian, or Der Spiegel, and in a Coffee Table Book (Hartmann, Stuttgart).


The cinematic part will be produced by Beat Lenherr / Panimage, who lately created the Swiss TV and Netflix hit „Wilder“ aka “Buried Truth”. A theatrical version and a shorter version for TV and streaming channels will be provided. Where possible it may also be shown as an integrated part of exhibitions. Serial motifs and dialogues underlaid with long landscape shots will give the viewer structure and time for reflection and refer to the photographic style of Braschler/Fischer. The photographers‘ journey will establish a connection between the places and people visited. Their ten-year-old son Elias is planned to act as a link between classrooms around the world.

Digital Media & Education

The project will be experienceable via a website and social media activities. This will already start in the development process and continue throughout the travel phase in 2023. It will include text, pictures and videos and be accompanied by education from renowned climate scientists. There are plans for community engagement and interaction, with a focus on schools and youth education. This includes developing dedicated school resources in collaboration with educational institutions. These activities will extend the reach of generationHEAT indefinitely beyond exhibitions and film screenings.

Das Projektteam
Das Soundingboard

Elias Braschler (Hauptprotagonist)

Marlon Brunner

Anaïs Lengsfeld

Nuria Lengen
Sonam Asch


Advisors & Partnerships

Dr. David Bresch (ETH, Climate Risks)
Dr. Sonia Seneviratne (ETH, Climatology)
Dr. Lukas von Orelli (SwissFoundations) 

Martin Frick (World Food Programme)
Melchior Lengsfeld (Helvetas)
Karolina Merai (City of Zurich, Int. Affairs) 

We are currently in the process of completing the Board of Advisors and Partnerships.


The project aims to be carbon-neutral. Routes and means of transport shall be chosen in such a way that CO2 emissions can be kept as low as possible. What cannot be avoided will be compensated. A scientific team accompanies us on this path.

Collaboration & Funding

The project will be funded by non-profit organizations, corporate institutions, and private individuals. It offers a broad spectrum of opportunities to get engaged in the areas of sustainability, education and NextGen. Sponsorship is available in the photographic, cinematic and digital context, with the possibility of tailor-made appearances and integrations for your specific requirements. We would be pleased to talk to you about a potential engagement!


Stay In Touch.


Panimage GmbH

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Co-Developer / Producer

Tobias Asch

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